What is it like to go through radiotherapy?

Prep-4-RT: A guide to preparing (prehabilitation) for radiotherapy for people with head and neck cancer and their carers.

Radiotherapy for head and neck cancer is challenging and can be overwhelming at times, with physical impacts on the face, neck and throat. It can be helpful to know what to expect about radiotherapy, such as common side effects. Watch the video for more information about the experiences of people with head and neck cancer who have had radiotherapy and advice from radiation oncologist, Dr Madhavi Chilkuri.

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  • Victorian Head & Neck Cancer Education & Support Group. The group provides information and support for those affected by Head and Neck Cancer. They hold monthly meetings for members to share stories and tips with other people going through similar experiences. Meeting details are available on the website as well as helpful resources.

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Information about attending radiotherapy:
This video will take you through a typical patient experience when receiving radiation therapy at any of our Peter Mac radiation therapy sites.

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