Cancer Allied Health Research

Allied health professionals are a large professional group in health across Victoria and a core component of the multidisciplinary treating teams. At Peter Mac these professionals fulfil essential roles for patients, families and carers of those treated for cancer. Allied health professionals can work with patients at all stages of their cancer journey. This may begin at diagnosis and treatment, and continue as required throughout survivorship and palliative care. These services are a range of evidence-based, client-centred and specialist services both within the hospital inpatient wards and in the outpatient setting. Allied health services undertake comprehensive assessment, intervention and care planning to optimise an individual's function and wellbeing.

Professional disciplines who make up cancer allied health services at peter mac are nutrition, pastoral care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, music therapy and exercise physiology.

Research in these professional areas ensure that patients, their families and carers benefit from high-quality evidence-based service.

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A/Prof. Alicia Martin

Director of Allied Health

Email: [email protected]

Jenelle Loeliger

Head of Nutrition and Speech Pathology

Email: [email protected]

Ms Anya Traill

Head of Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy

Email: [email protected]

Rev. David Dawes

Head of Pastoral Care

Email: [email protected]