European survey of oncology patients’ experience of breakthrough pain (Phase III).

The objectives of the study are to determine:

  • Oncology patients’ experiences of breakthrough pain.
  • Oncology patients’ experiences of breakthrough pain medication.
  • Oncology patients’ views about forthcoming breakthrough medications.


Associate Professor Odette Spruyt

Principal Investigator/s

International lead: Dr Andrew Davies

Royal Marsden Hospital, Surrey, UK.

Peter Mac Principal Investigator: A/Prof Odette Spruyt

Palliative care consultant


A/Prof Odette Spruyt

Principal Investigator

Email: [email protected]

Publications & presentations

Davies, A.Zeppetella, G.Andersen, S. et al 2011. Multi-centre European study of breakthrough cancer pain: pain characteristics and patient perceptions of current and potential management strategies. Eur J Pain 15(7);756-63

Spruyt, O. Philip, J. Characterisation of breakthrough pain in an Australian cohort of cancer patients. MASCC 2016 e-poster (in progress)