Audit of Prevalence of Incident Pain During Radiotherapy

Management of procedural pain related to cancer and its treatment is poorly addressed in the literature. This audit was conducted across three radiotherapy treatment centres in Australia. One hundred and thirty patients were recruited. Information was collected on their intensity of their baseline pain, the worst pain experienced during palliative radiotherapy, what analgesics they took as baseline and for incident pain and how effective this was for the radiotherapy-related episode. The pain management index (PMI) was calculated in order to evaluate the adequacy of analgesic regimen. This study is currently undergoing statistical analysis and reporting.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Peter MacCallum Cencer Centre, Pain & Palliative Care

Principal Investigator/s

A/Prof Odette Spruyt

Palliative care consultant

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A/Prof Odette Spruyt

Principal Investigator

Email: [email protected]