All cancer patients are welcome to attend the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre after being referred from their general practitioner or specialist.

Referral information for patients

We understand how stressful and difficult cancer can be. If you would like to attend the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre please speak with your general practitioner or specialist to arrange a referral. All new referrals are reviewed within 48 hours by a cancer specialist to determine how soon we need to see you. Appointments are organised and details provided to patients by mail, or phone if an appointment is scheduled to occur within two weeks.

The Peter Mac team of experts are dedicated and sensitive to your individual health and wellbeing needs - we are here to help.

Referral information for health professionals

Downloading referral forms

To refer a patient to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre:

  1. Download and install an auto-populating referral template for Medical Director , Best Practice or ZedMed , following these instructions. Complete, print, sign and fax to 03 8559 7371 or email [email protected].
  2. Complete the standard , print, sign and fax to 03 8559 7371 or email [email protected].

Please attach all relevant reports and diagnostic information to facilitate faster and accurate triaging and include your contact details in case additional information is required.

Completing a referral form

As most cancer patients require multi-disciplinary assessment, referring to “all services” on the Peter Mac referral form will ensure prompt assessment by all relevant clinicians. To enable accurate medicare billing and prevent administrative delays, all referrals must be made to a named clinician; as such, our referral forms contain our named clinical leads.our administrative teams from seeking additional referrals for each individual speciality (Radiotherapy, Medical Oncology, Surgery). This Specialist Clinics funding document outlines further details about Medicare referral requirements.

Referral guidelines

The following guidelines will assist you to provide the most relevant referral information and provide tumour stream specific contact details.

Additional referral information

Clinical trials

Peter Mac has an extensive clinical trials program. Our program offers a wide range of advanced research treatments for many of our patients. If you would like to participate or have questions about clinical trials, speak to your specialist.

Referral for consideration in a Peter Mac clinical trial is done via the referral process described above.

Up-to-date information on active and upcoming clinical trials at Peter Mac is available from Cancer Council Victoria’s Victorian Cancer Trials database.

Further information about participating in research studies is available on this site, including clinical trials at Peter Mac.

Radiation Oncology Services

Peter Mac accepts patient referrals from GPs and specialists to our consultant Radiation Oncologists at our sites in Melbourne (VCCC building), Bendigo, Box Hill, Moorabbin and Sunshine.  As Peter Mac is a public hospital, our Radiation Therapy services are covered by Medicare – meaning there is no cost to our patients.  

GPs and specialists are asked to use existing referral forms and guidelines for the relevant tumour streams to arrange a referral.

Generally, a consultation with one of our Radiation Oncologists will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks of receipt of the referral and referrals will be prioritised based on the patient’s medical needs.  There is a minimal wait once treatment has been prescribed to enable us to prepare and plan treatment, however patients will be treated sooner if their medical needs require it.   

Referring Medicare ineligible patients

For any patients ineligible for Medicare, please contact Peter Mac’s Medicare Ineligible Patient Co-ordinator on 03 8559 5267 to discuss referrals for patients without a Medicare card and/or patients visiting from overseas.

Referring current inpatients

To refer a current hospital inpatient to Peter Mac, please contact the relevant Registrar (i.e. medical lung, surgical breast etc.) via the Peter Mac switchboard on 03 8559 5000. If you are unsure of which specialty to refer to, ask switchboard to speak to the relevant cancer stream nurse co-ordinator.

Following acceptance of inpatient transfer, you will be required to complete the Interhospital patient handover form.

Contact details

For all referral related enquires phone Outpatient Referral Team on 03 8559 5021.