Outpatient pathology

Outpatient pathology is located on level 2.

The Outpatient Pathology Clinic provides:

  • blood collection
  • blood taking from a central venous access device
  • central venous access device dressing and cap change
  • cannulation
  • ECG
  • port access/flush
  • specimen collection i.e. urine, swabs


If you require pathology, your specialist will organise a referral for you.


You do not have to have an appointment to come to the outpatient pathology. Simply take a coloured card depending on the type of test you are having, to help staff see you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What to bring

If you are coming to the outpatient pathology to have a test, your doctor will either organise for a pathology slip to be sent to outpatient pathology or will give you a pathology slip to take with you.

If you doctor has given you a pathology slip, please bring this with you when you come to outpatient pathology so the pathology nurses know what type and how much of each specimen they need to collect, and the pathologists which know which analysis your doctor requires.


Peter Mac’s Outpatient Pathology is a bulk billing service.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.00pm


Outpatient Pathology 

Level 2, Clinic 2B

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

305 Grattan Street 

Melbourne VIC 3000


Oupatient Pathology

Phone: 03 8559 8290