The CanEAT pathway for health professionals

How to deliver optimal nutrition care

All health professionals are vital in delivering optimal nutrition care to patients and their carers – The CanEAT pathway can help you do this. 3 in 5 people with cancer will experience a nutrition impact symptom. Nutrition needs, risks and interventions vary with cancer type, treatment, and time-points in the cancer path. Your own learning needs can be enhanced through using The CanEAT pathway.

Find the full pathway here: 

You can utilise the interactive resources available below to help guide you through the pathway!



Utilise these resources to assist people with cancer and their carers 'get started' on their nutrition and cancer path 


Nutrition and cancer needs can vary between different cancer types. These resources will help people with cancer and their carers ,understand what they need to know, and what they can expect with each individual cancer type/s: 


  • - a form for health professionals to complete, in conjunction with people with cancer and their carers, to provide clear advice and recommendations for ongoing nutrition care
  • Nutrition prescription (e form)
  • Nutrition navigator package – two tools to help health professionals navigate appropriate nutrition care and transitions
    • - a checklist for health professionals/dietitians to complete, to best support a patients’ nutrition care transitions
    • a guide for health professionals/dietitians to help navigate different options of nutrition care, decisions regarding whether a dietitian referral is required or not and to support appropriate nutrition care planning.


The online interactive Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST) is freely available in 11 languages at