ONTrac at Peter Mac: Adolescents and young adults

The ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service

A cancer diagnosis during the adolescent and young years can be highly challenging for young people and their families. The ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service (incorporating the VIC/TAS Youth Cancer Service) provides a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who work alongside cancer specialists at Peter Mac and beyond to ensure all aspects of a young person’s health and wellbeing are given attention both during treatment and in the years beyond.

Clinical services for young people

Our clinical services for young people include:

  • diagnosis and disease management
  • palliative and survivorship care
  • general adolescent health
  • emotional and mental health concerns
  • fertility and sexual health
  • physical and nutritional wellbeing
  • school and vocation support
  • family-focused treatments.

Support groups, information and community referrals are also provided.

Delivering care in a youth-friendly, safe and supportive environment is a priority for our service. All team members are appropriately credentialled and experienced in working with young people and their families. Our care is delivered from our ambulatory Youth Cancer Centre, with specialist inpatient and same-day beds in the hospital.

Secondary consultation service

We also provide a secondary consultation service aimed at supporting healthcare professionals from across Victoria in their delivery of care to young people. Provided by senior clinicians, consultations can be held by phone, videoconference or meeting with the young person’s primary treating team at the site of the young person’s care.

The consultation service can assist with:

  • diagnosis
  • treatment and disease management of young people with cancer
  • discussions regarding clinical approaches
  • information regarding referral pathways for young people across Victoria
  • professional support and guidance for treating teams

Professional development, education and training

The service offers a range of professional development, education and training opportunities for nursing, medical and allied health professionals to support the delivery of high-quality, youth-friendly cancer care to young people and their families. These include statewide forums and seminars, elearning modules, in-services and tailored programs including clinical placements.

Research and data collection program

Understanding and responding to the health outcomes of young people living with cancer underpins our research and data collection program. Collaborating with local and international colleagues, our areas of particular interest include:

  • clinical trial development
  • behavioural and health-related quality of life
  • patient experience
  • health service evaluation

Referral information

Healthcare professionals

ONTrac at Peter Mac provides a flexible range of clinical services, supports and resources for young people, their families and those involved in their care. We welcome referrals from GPs, cancer services, oncologists, haematologists, nursing and allied health staff for direct clinical involvement. A written referral is required.

Young people and their families

Young people and their families can contact the ONTrac at Peter Mac team directly on 03 8559 6880. A member of the team will talk to the young person about their particular needs and assist them as required.

Service times

8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday


ONTrac at Peter Mac
Phone: 03 8559 6880
Email: [email protected]

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Dr Jeremy Lewin, Medical Director

Kate Thompson, Program Manager

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