Diversity and Inclusion

At Peter Mac, we value our diverse communities. We recognise the importance of culture and cultural needs when trying to live well and during illness. In response, we have designed a diversity and inclusion action plan, the ‘United Colours of Us’ (UCU) as our commitment to improve health outcomes and reduce barriers for optimal cancer care for our culturally diverse communities.

Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Our diversity and inclusion action plan, United Colours of Us (UCU) was developed through extensive consultation with our diverse consumers and stakeholders. The UCU aims to achieve its action items within a three-year period. The UCU objective is to advance and strengthen our relationships with our diverse communities for an improved approach to diversity and inclusion for optimal cancer care. It aims to better engage with, and understand the needs of our culturally diverse communities, seeking to reduce disparities in healthcare outcomes.  

For further information, or to provide feedback, please contact the Health Literacy & Diversity Manager via email on [email protected]

Intersectionality Position Statement

Using an intersectionality lens to underpin, influence and improve our approach to diversity and inclusion in healthcare.

Please download a copy fo the Intersectionality Position Statement.

Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-26

The Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic) (the Act) mandates Peter Mac to actively facilitate gender equality by implementing a Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP).

Peter Mac’s GEAP is an evidence-based document created by undertaking a gap analysis of workforce statistics and consultation with key stakeholders.

The GEAP was developed by engaging our people, informed by their diverse experiences and perspectives for change.

The implementation of the GEAP requires the commitment of the entire community to succeed, and Peter Mac’s leadership have established key performance indicators to create accountability in advancing gender equity.

Peter Mac cannot provide the best cancer care for patients without a workforce who feels safe and included.

Equity and respect are central to the values of Peter Mac, and we are committed to taking the lead in actively promoting gender equity.


Sexual and Gender Diversity in our Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Peter Mac is proud to care for patients and carers in the LGBTIQA+ community and has included terms and fields to support a more patient-centric EMR in November 2022. We understand that people use many words to describe sexual orientation and gender identity, and these terms are important for inclusive and tailored health care. This information may also be important in decision making by your clinical team.

The EMR Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) form aligns with the vision to improve the patient experience for all patients, particularly those who identify themselves from the LGBTIQA+ community, by implementing the ability to document chosen name, pronouns, gender identity, sexual orientation and other associated fields in our medical record, a system that is shared with Royal Children’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Women’s Hospital.

Peter Mac staff are educated on having safe and sensitive conversations with patients, and patients who have a Health Hub account will be able to proactively update their details themselves.