Lung cancer is a malignant tumour that happens in the tissue of one or both lungs.

The Lung Cancer Stream provides multidisciplinary care including diagnosis and treatment for cancers of the lung, thymus and mesothelioma. Clinics are held three times a week, and are staffed by respiratory physicians, thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists, all of whom are recognised for their particular expertise in lung and the other thoracic cancers. Recognising that the best survival results and highest levels of patient satisfaction are achieved by treatment teams with extensive experience, each clinic is dedicated exclusively to these diseases.

In addition to multidisciplinary consultations, a comprehensive range of lung cancer services are provided, including endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy, PET scanning, the full range of mutation testing of biopsy specimens, thoracic surgery (including robotic surgery), radiotherapy including advanced stereotactic radiotherapy, and medical oncology treatments including chemotherapy, targeted biological agents and immunotherapy. The team also includes dedicated lung cancer nurse specialists and other healthcare experts who can provide support for patients during their treatment, with a particular focus on their social and psychological needs linked to their cancer diagnosis.

All new patients and difficult cases are discussed at one of two weekly multidisciplinary meetings attended by a full range of lung cancer experts in addition to the members of the treating team.


  • Respiratory medicine
  • Surgery
  • Radiation oncology
  • Medical oncology

Specialists nurses

  • Mary Duffy (Peter Mac)
  • Paula Nelson (Royal Melbourne)
  • Sarah McLean (Peter Mac and Royal Melbourne)

Like all Peter Mac’s tumour streams, the Lung Service is a collaboration with clinical partners, providing coordinated and comprehensive cancer care. 



Malignant mesothelioma
Non-small cell carcinomas (lung)
Small cell carcinomas (lung)
Thymoma and thymic carcinoma
Metastatic cancer involving the lung

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Multidisciplinary clinics are conducted Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings. There is no waiting list for a clinic appointment, new patients can be seen within a week of referral. Patients have their own choice of doctor, are normally seen by the same doctor on each visit, and can obtain an opinion from other specialists working in the clinic in the one visit in the one location. Because our services are provided in the public hospital system, there are no costs for consultations or treatment.

Clinical Trials

The Lung Tumour Service has an internationally recognised clinical trials program which is one of Australia’s largest. It includes access to the most advanced treatments often not available outside clinical trials. Although we do not have a trial for every patient and circumstance, where a trial is not available, the treatments provided are world’s best practise.

The results of our research have been presented at the most important international meetings and published in the most prestigious international journals. For example, recent publications from the Peter Mac Lung Service have appeared in The New England Journal of MedicineThe Lancet and The Journal of Clinical Oncology, all of which publish only the very best research.

If you are interested in joining a clinical trial, speak to your cancer specialist.

For a full list of clinical trials we offer, visit our looking for a clinical trial page.


For patients

We understand how stressful and difficult cancer can be. We know that it not only affects your physical health, but can also have major impacts on your emotional wellbeing, your quality of life, your family and your financial situation.

Your team of experts are dedicated to treating the total person, not just the disease. We will provide you and your significant others with support both during your treatment and after. We are widely recognised for the high standards of compassionate and holistic care that our doctors, nurses and allied health workers provide, regardless of your financial status or background.

You will need a referral from your GP or medical practitioner to access this service.

For health professionals

The Lung Stream welcomes referrals of patients with both suspected and proven lung cancer, mesothelioma and tumours of the thymus. If you are not sure which specialist is most appropriate for your patient, our multidisciplinary team approach ensures that the patient will be seen by the relevant specialist(s) on the first visit, to streamline their progress along the optimal care pathway.

Visit the referrals page for further information.