Clinical Haematology

Clinical Haematology is a unified department formed between Peter Mac and the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is the largest haematology service in the country. We provide a publicly funded, evidence-based care for patients with haematologic disorders from across Melbourne and beyond, within eight specialised disease groups, each led by a nationally recognised and experienced clinical leader in their area. Our department incorporates one of Australia's earliest and largest allogeneic transplantation services, and a comprehensive clinical trials program dedicated to developing new drugs, generating new data and bringing new therapies to our patients. We have a dynamic and very active translational research program that links the research labs of Peter Mac and our partners in the Parkville academic precinct to the research we do in the clinics.

The director of the department is Prof. John Seymour, AM. Patient care within our service is delivered by specialised disease groups and an expert multidisciplinary team focused and specialised in treating diseases that fall within each disease cluster, and may include opportunities for participation in clinical trials.

There are five haematology registrars on duty at any one time. Please see the relevant haematology cancer type page to find the details on contacting the registrar specific to your disease.

Our haematology nurse coordinators are specialised in specific haematological diseases. Please see the haematology cancer type page to find the details to contact your nurse coordinator.


Clinical Haematology at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Melbourne Hospital is a specialised service providing the highest quality care to our patients. The multidisciplinary haematology team brings together world-class clinical and laboratory research expertise to ensure patients with blood disorders receive exceptional care.  With a commitment to excellence, education and research we are shaping local and international practices in haematology, developing the next generation of expert clinicians and advancing patient care for the future.

Download the Parkville integrated haematology service brochure.


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Clinics are run daily. For specific details see the tumour sites.

Clinical Trials

We have a strong focus on clinical trials to enable us to improve care for not only our patients but all patients with haematological cancers. Every cancer patient is at the heart of what we do. Dedicated to you, we commit and pursue state-of-the-art research that we take from bench to bedside and beyond.

If you are interested in joining a clinical trial, speak to your cancer specialist.

For a full list of clinical trials we offer, visit our looking for a clinical trial page.


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