EMR mobile apps

You can access the EMR on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or iPad.

Epic’s Haiku and Canto mobile apps give you secure access to the EMR from any location.

If you are at home or not using the Peter Mac WiFi service, please follow the steps below to get yourself set up with Haiku and Canto.

If you are using Peter Mac WiFi, please use the instruction on the Connecting Care website.

Please email the EMR team if you need help.

Set up Haiku and Canto    

Step 1 – Go to this page on your mobile device

You can use this link – https://www.petermac.org/about/emr/emr-mobile-apps

Step 2 – Download the app

Choose and download your app:

You will need to come back to this page after you have downloaded the app to your mobile device.

Step 3 – Get the password

You will be prompted to enter a password when setting up the app (step 4).

You will find this password on your Epic Dashboard

  • Log in to Epic using your username and password
  • Select the Dashboard activity
  • Find the password in the dashboard section labelled ‘Haiku/Canto Password’.

Step 4 – Set up your app

When you have the password:

Note: This step must be done on your mobile device and you should not be using Peter Mac WiFi.

Step 5 – Complete set up

Follow the on-screen prompts to:

  • Open the app
  • Enter the configuration password from your Epic dashboard (refer to step 3)
  • Accept the licence agreement
  • Login with your Epic username and password

Need help

Please email the EMR team if you need help.