Our cancer treatment and care services at our main centre are delivered in partnership with The Royal Women’s Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital – all co-located within easy distance of one another.

Peter Mac's Executive team is led by Chief Executive Dr Shelley Dolan

The role of Peter Mac’s board is to steer the direction of our organisation through developing and monitoring strategies and plans, as well as ensuring we meet our obligations under the Health Services Act 1988 and subject to any direction given by the Minister for Health.

Our publications provide more detailed information about our research, the quality of our care, our financial and operational outcomes and how we meet our obligations to the Victorian people.

Peter Mac’s Strategic Directions 2015–2019 set the course for our future.

Peter Mac works in partnership with many organisations and networks locally and across the globe to improve the quality of cancer services and increase the reach, impact, community awareness and sustainability of our work.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has resolved to provide leadership and excel as a premier cancer centre among the global comprehensive cancer centres in the effort to end cancer.

70 years ago Sir Peter MacCallum and Dr Rutherford Kaye-Scott convinced the Victorian Government to set up Victoria’s first dedicated cancer centre.

Peter Mac has five centres across Victoria, in Melbourne, Bendigo, Box Hill, Moorabbin, and Sunshine.

Donations and fundraising are vital to the search for cancer cures.

Peter Mac's patient charter outlines the rights and responsibilities of our patients.

At Peter Mac, we care about what you think and what you have to tell us

A digital program to transform patient care and research in Parkville Peter Mac is working with Melbourne Health, the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital to create one world-class electronic medical record (EMR), which will store information about all of our patients in one...

Our venues service events for between 15 – 225 people, with space for breakout sessions, registration and catering.