Peter Mac pop-up clinics have delivered a COVID-19 pre-exposure treatment to almost 900 Victorian cancer patients. 

The treatment, called Evusheld, greatly reduces the chance of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19. It protects against all variants of COVID-19 identified to date.

Several teams from across Peter Mac cooperated to establish and staff a short-term clinic that operated between June and July. About 500 patients received the treatment, building on the success of an earlier pop-up clinic that treated another 400 patients.

Peter Mac recommends Evusheld for patients with blood cancer, and cancer patients who are immunosuppressed. 

Yvonne Panek-Hudson, Associate Director of Nursing (Haematology and Medical Oncology) said patients were relieved to be offered an extra layer of protection from COVID-19, with many saying they felt fortunate to have access to Evusheld.

“Working with a dedicated team to stand up the Evusheld treatment clinic for our immunocompromised patients has been an absolute highlight,” she said.

Watch a Peter Mac patient information video about Evusheld here.

Download the Evusheld patient guide here.

The Peter Mac Evusheld clinic will now continue to operate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of August. Ask your clinician to find out if Evusheld is suitable for you.