Evusheld is an extra COVID-19 medication that provides added protection for vulnerable patients. Peter Mac is recommending this medication for patients with blood cancer, or cancer patients who are immunosuppressed.

A clinic at Peter Mac's Parkville location will be administering doses of Evusheld between 27 June and 29 July, 2022.

Evusheld protects against all variants of COVID-19 that have been identified to date. Research studies have shown that it may help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for at least 6 months.

Ask your doctor about whether Evusheld is suitable for you.

You can watch a patient information video about Evusheld below, or click here to download the Evusheld Patient Guide.

Evusheld is made up of two medications designed to work together against COVID-19. These medications can prevent the virus from entering human cells and reduce the chance of becoming seriously ill due to COVID-19 infection.

Evusheld is given in addition to COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters and is not a replacement for them.