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Peter Mac certified by the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

16 April 2024

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The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) has recently designated Peter Mac as a centre of excellence in supportive care in cancer.

Supportive care relates to managing the adverse effects of cancer and cancer treatment to improve quality of life for people with cancer. This involves identifying and meeting people’s physical, emotional, informational, and practical needs, and providing support through every stage of their cancer experience.

MASCC’s certification program recognises oncology centres that demonstrate best practice in supportive care. The designation process requires a cancer centre to have successfully integrated oncology and supportive care.

At Peter Mac we are committed to empowering people with cancer to be cared for in the way that best suits them. We are proud to offer many services that complement and enhance the treatments we provide.

The Wellbeing Centre at Peter Mac’s Parkville campus is a hub of supportive care for our patients and carers. A relaxing space, removed from the constant bustle of the hospital, the centre’s staff provide support and advice, hosting wellbeing programs that include peer support groups, educational seminars and workshops, and social events.

Another key supportive care program is the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre, based out of Peter Mac. With the aim of preserving quality of life for people who have experienced cancer, the centre works with survivors, health professionals, organisations, and policy makers, providing information, support, education, training and leadership.

Peter Mac also provides integrated Allied Health and Psychosocial Oncology services. These include speech pathology, social work, psychology and psychiatry, music and art therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, and physiotherapy.

This accreditation affirms Peter Mac’s commitment to supportive care practise, and places us amongst other leading oncology centres from across the globe.

To find out more Peter Mac’s supportive cancer care services, visit the Patients and Carers section of our website: