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Meet Dr Adel Shahnam

2 min read 13 April 2023

“There really is nowhere else like it.”

That’s how third-year oncology fellow Dr Adel Shahnam described Peter Mac after joining us in February.

After over a month in the role, Adel sat down with us to share what it’s like working in Australia’s largest Phase 1 Trials Unit. 

“There are world leaders in oncology all around the organisation. These are the names you see presenting at international conferences everywhere, so to have the chance to work alongside them is just amazing,” Dr Shahnam explains. 

“It can be quite intimidating to stand beside world renowned names in cancer care but everybody has been very approachable and happy to share their knowledge.

“As someone who wants to work in oncology and clinical trials it was the obvious place to apply to for my fellowship year.”

Through his role, Dr Shahnam is gaining insights into designing and constructing clinical trials while managing and supporting patients and their families. 

“I’m finding that I’ve been inspired by the opportunity to work with and learn from the best,” he said.

“Peter Mac has a unique model of care that’s taken me some time to adjust to, but the support from the team and everyone I’ve met has been great.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to also do some work with sarcoma so having the option to focus on a sub-specialty at the same time as the trial work is a fantastic mix,” he said.

But the one thing Dr Shahnam wasn’t expecting to be so difficult? Melbourne’s weather. 

“Everyone says the weather can be erratic and I can see what they mean,” he said.

“My first day down here it was 35 degrees in the morning and then by the afternoon it was raining!

“But Melbourne has so much to see and do. I’m really looking forward to exploring the city and the state and getting to know them better.”

Peter Mac has had a recent influx of doctors undertaking their fellowship year, as well as graduate nurses starting out their careers.

We’ll bring you some of their stories over the year as they embark on an exciting and rewarding careers in oncology at Peter Mac.