Quitting smoking

Patients who smoke or have quit within the past three months are advised and encouraged to quit or to stay tobacco-free. Specialist support is available.

Tobacco use is a major global health problem and is the single greatest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia.

Peter Mac is a totally smoke-free environment, meaning a safer, cleaner and healthier environment for all who are treated, visit or work at Peter Mac. Smoking is not permitted inside or within 50 metres of any Peter Mac facility

Tobacco treatment

At the Tobacco Treatment Clinic you will have an opportunity to discuss the benefits of quitting, to talk about how to develop a quit plan, to look at triggers to smoking and to develop strategies to stop smoking. You will be provided with free quitting medications to support your quitting goal. You will also be given assistance to help you stay quit once you are smoke-free.

Referral information

Ask a member of your treating team to refer you to Peter Mac’s tobacco treatment specialist nurse to assist you with achieving your quitting goal. You can also self-refer by contacting us if you wish.

More information

For more resources to quit smoking visit our diet, exercise & lifestyle, cancer information and resources page.

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Tobacco treatment

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