Yesterday Peter Mac’s Prevention and Wellbeing team launched two new plans to improve the patient experience and better support carers.

Both were developed thanks to extensive input from Peter Mac patients, their carers, and family.

The Patient Experience Strategic Plan 2023-25 identifies four priority areas for improving the patient experience at Peter Mac: navigating, personalising information and communication, building capacity, and building support networks.

Priorities were identified through analysis of consumer feedback gathered through online consultation, patient surveys, real-time feedback surveys, and close collaboration with Peter Mac’s Community Advisory Committee.

Current and future improvement actions have been grouped within each the priority areas - resulting in a cohesive, clear, and detailed roadmap for improvement of the Peter Mac patient experience up to 2026. 

The Supporting Carers Strategy 2022-2026 provides a coordinated approach to the way we care for carers, acknowledging the critical and varied roles played by informal carers in the cancer community.

Informed by the Victorian government’s Victorian Carer Strategy as well as feedback from staff, it prioritises the health and wellbeing of carers, their needs outside of caring responsibilities, the stresses commonly experienced by carers, and the need for appropriate support and services. 

Director of Prevention and Wellbeing at Peter Mac, Geri McDonald explains “the consumer feedback we heard for both projects really highlighted the need for better information and communication, and the need for more help navigating services.”

“We have already initiated projects to address some of these needs, and more will be introduced in the years to come.”

“Placing consumers at the centre of everything we do is fundamental to the Peter Mac ethos. We are so grateful to everybody who contributed their thoughts and feedback to help improve things for future Peter Mac patients and carers.”

Read the Supporting Carers Strategy 2022-2026

Read the Patient Experience Strategic Plan 2023-25

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