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New Board Chair announced for Peter Mac

12 June 2024

The Minister for Health has announced that Professor Rosemary McKenzie will take over as Chair of the Board of Directors of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre from 1 July.

Professor McKenzie has served on Peter Mac’s Board since 2019, during which time she has chaired the Primary Care and Population Health Committee and Consumer Advisory Committee.

She has also been a member of the Quality and Safety, People and Culture and Environmental Sustainability committees and is currently Interim Head of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne.

Outgoing Board Chair, Professor The Honourable Maxine Morand AM, said Professor McKenzie is a well-known and highly respected leader in health services research and health policy.  

240611 Professors Maxine Morand AM and Rosemary McKenzie 1From left: Professor Rosemary McKenzie and Professor Maxine Morand AM

“Professor McKenzie comes to the position of Board Chair with a strong interest and notable expertise in clinical governance, primary care policy, health promotion, integrated healthcare and rural health – all of which make her a fantastic fit for the position,” Professor Morand said.

Professor McKenzie has long been a leader in the health and education sectors, and previously served on the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner Advisory Council and its predecessor, the Victorian Health Services Review Council.

Professor Morand will step down at the end of the month after nine years as Chair of Peter Mac.

“I am incredibly proud of what has been achieved at Peter Mac during my time and feel deeply privileged to have worked in an environment with truly amazing staff who are focussed on improving outcomes for people impacted by cancer,” Professor Morand said.

“Over the past nine years we have moved to our wonderful Parkville facilities, weathered a global pandemic, pioneered and introduced new treatments, made ground-breaking scientific discoveries, and continued to grow Peter Mac’s stellar international reputation.

“The greatest highlight for me has been the opportunity to meet the staff who care for our patients and observe the compassion, resilience and positivity they display in their diverse roles at Peter Mac. 

“I would like to acknowledge working with three fantastic Peter Mac Chief Executives over that time and working alongside an outstanding and dedicated Board of Directors,” she said.

Victorian Minister for Health, The Honourable Mary-Anne Thomas, has appointed Ms Ruth Bollard, Mr Narayan Prassad, and Mr Chris Altis to join the Peter Mac Board from 1 July.

Ms Bollard brings many years’ experience as a general surgeon and Board Director to the position. Mr Prassad joins the Board with significant senior finance management expertise and Mr Altis brings deep experience in public health sector governance. 

Ms Bollard, Mr Prassad and Mr Altis join the Board following two further changes with Louise Davidson AM having completed nine years of exceptional governance at Peter Mac and Basil Samios also stepping down from Board at the end of June.