Virtual Visit

Virtual visits are a great way to stay connected to your loved ones and support them during their stay at Peter Mac.

With visitor restrictions in place during COVID-19, it may be easier and safer in some instances to connect with patients via a video call.

The information on this page will help you get set up to make virtual visits via your mobile device.

Instructions for patients

  1. Patients in the hospital can connect to Peter Mac's free Wifi - if you need assistance, please ask your nurse.
  2. Patients are encouraged to use applications they are familiar with on their own devices for video calls. Some handy how to use guides for apps are below.
  1. Let your family know the best time to video call, or organise a regular catch up time each day. 
  2. Most video call apps can bring in multiple people at the same time - so you can think about organising a family group call.

Instructions for friends and family

First, find out which app the patient is going to use to answer their call.

Once you know which app the patient will use, make sure you’re able to use the same one. To do this:

  • Check if you need to make an account.
  • If you’re going to use your smart device (smartphone or tablet) for the video call, download the app to your device.
  • If you’re going to use your computer, make sure your computer has a working camera and microphone. Check if you need to download anything to your computer.

Check in with the patient to find out the best time to call, or make a time for them to call you. 

Connect to Wifi - this will ensure the call is free and doesn't use your data.