If you need to change your telehealth appointment or prefer to attend your appointment in person, please contact Outpatients.

problems on the day

If you are having troubles on the day of your telehealth appointment (for example you cannot log-on, no-one is picking up your call etc) please contact us as follows:


  1. Contact the Telehealth Administration Officer, phone (03) 8559 7578 or email [email protected]
  2. Contact your Patient Navigator directly or via switchboard phone (03) 8559 5000

If you are unable to contact your Patient Navigator:

  1. If you usually go to Level 2 for this appointment, call 2D on (03) 855 98157
  2. Contact switchboard, call (03) 8559 5000.

Box Hill: 

Change telehealth appointment

If you need to change your telehealth appointment, want to cancel or prefer to come in person, please contact us as follows:


Box Hill: 

Refer or request telehealth

Patients and families

GPs and community clinicians

Please contact the Peter Mac treating team directly or refer patient as normal - requesting consideration for telehealth. 

Internal (Peter Mac) referrals to telehealth

  • You can request or refer to telehealth using Qflow or any of your usual processes – please manually type TELEHEALTH if it is not a listed option.
  • If you wish to include the local doctor please note their name and ideally also their contact phone number.

contact Peter Mac telehealth

For any other telehealth queries, please contact us any time:


Box Hill: