Our team at Melbourne

Our team of highly skilled radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and medical physicists are professionals who work together to design your radiation therapy plan and deliver your treatment. Together with our nurses, allied health and administrative staff, they provide the highest standard of individualised patient-centered care.

Each of our attending radiation oncologists specialises in specific tumour types and is a member of the appropriate specialist multidisciplinary unit including; breast, bone and soft tissue, gastro-intestinal, gynae-oncology, haematology, lung, neuro-oncology, head and neck, skin malignancies, urology and childhood cancer units.

Peter Mac Melbourne staff are involved in education and research, including clinical trials, across all Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre campuses and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre network.


Dr. Tsien Fua, Site Director

Brent Chesson, Manager Radiation Engineering, Radiation Therapy Site Manager

Ajit Mullen, Medical Physicist Manager

Josh Hart, Radiation Therapy Nurse Unit Manager

Trish Raicevic, Office Manager


Dr Muhammad Ali

Assoc. Prof. David Bernshaw

Dr Nick Bucknell

Assoc. Prof. Belinda Campbell

Dr Sarat Chander

Dr David Chang

Dr Julie Chu

Dr Margaret Chua

Dr Ieta D’Costa

Dr Roslyn Drummond

Dr Tsien Fua

Dr Neda Haghighi

​​​​​​​Dr Susan Harden

Dr Pearly Khaw

Dr David Kok

Prof. Trevor Leong

Dr Michael Lim Joon

Dr Ming-Yin Lin

Dr Chen Liu

Prof. Michael MacManus

Dr Lachlan McDowell

Assoc. Prof Sam Ngan

Dr Claire Phillips

Dr Kathy Pope

Dr Nikki Plumridge

Dr Mark Shaw

Dr Joe Sia

Dr Shankar Siva

Dr Keen Hun Tai

Dr Albert Tiong

Dr Kim Ung

Dr Greg Wheeler

Prof. Scott Williams

Dr Kirsty Wiltshire

Assoc. Prof Andrew Wirth