Interventional pain

Interventions encompass a very wide range of treatments carried out by pain specialists and interventional x-ray specialists and depend on the pain condition.

Interventions such as epidurals for pain relief or spinal cord stimulators for nerve pain are increasingly commonly used as methods of pain management in patients with pain from cancer or its treatment. 

Most of the pain specialists at Peter Mac are also interventional pain specialists and carry out a wide range of interventional procedures for pain both for cancer and for non cancer reasons. 

Examples of procedures

  • Radiofrequency neurotomy- for management of nerve pain related to scars after breast or chest surgery
  • Epidurals – for acute pain around the term of surgery
  • Ganglion and plexus blocks for the management of pelvic pain – eg pain after prostate or rectal surgery.
  • Coeliac plexus block – for managing pain associated with pancreatic cancer
  • Implanted procedures – spinal cord stimulation for persistent nerve pain after chemotherapy

Most pain treatments are available at Peter Mac through the pain specialists and in collaboration with interventional radiologists.

Referral information

Your specialist or general practitioner can arrange referrals to this service by faxing a referral to the APCP service or by contacting the service during hours.

All referrals from a epcialist or general practitioner can be attentioned to Dr’s Hucker, Sullivan and Chou, Pain management.

For more information about referring a patient, please visit our referrals page.

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