Pain management

Pain experienced is a significant issue for most people with cancer. Not all patients will have pain, but for those who do it can have a huge impact on patients and their loved one.

Acute and persistent cancer pain

There are many cancers and many phases of the disease process (including diagnosis, treatment, palliation and survivorship).

The Acute and Persistent Cancer Pain (APCP) team provide evidence based, safe and effective pain management for patients with both current and past cancers. The APCP team are highly skilled in using many different kinds of medicines and non-drug methods that can help relieve pains.

The APCP clinic is able to provide holistic, intra-disciplinary management for people in all stages of their cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment to long term follow up.

The APCP at Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre is an accredited training facility for the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, the professional organisation for specialist pain medicine physicians (Fellows).

How can the Acute and Persistent Cancer Pain Service help?

APCP service specialises in management of acute, chronic non-cancer and cancer pain. They offer the following services:

  • Acute pain service round, offering up to date management of acute surgical pain. This is a 24 hours service for all inpatients at the VCCC
  • An information line for those on pain medications or at increased risk of cancer pain
  • APCP clinic, a weekly clinic which offers assistance for those undergoing active cancer treatment, are for comfort only care or are in remission. The clinic can provide patients with access to specialist pain medicine physicians (Fellows) and specialist pain medicine physicians in training (trainees), physiotherapy, psychology and psychiatry. The APCP can supervise in the weaning of pain medications for patients following their cancer treatment
  • Interventional pain procedures for severe pain
  • Admissions for pain management with infusions and optimisation of pain medications

Find out more about pain management and cancer support organisations by visiting the links listed under resources.

Service times

APCP - Alternate Tuesday and Fridays

Acute Pain Service - 24 hours a day

Acute Pain Nurse Information line - office hours

Referral information

Your specialist or general practitioner can arrange referrals to this service by faxing a referral to the APCP service or by contacting the service during hours.

For more information about referring a patient, please visit our referrals page.

More about pain management for professionals

Visit the ANZCA Faculty of Pain Medicine for more information about pain education for professionals.

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