Anaesthetics, perioperative medicine and pain medicine

At Peter Mac, we aim to provide our patients with a comprehensive, co-ordinated and individualised peri-operative journey. As anaesthetists and perioperative physicians we have the unique opportunity to plan and co-ordinate this journey from the time of referral for surgery to the post-operative recovery phase. We adopt an evidence-based approach, embrace innovative approaches and generate new models of care to optimise outcomes for each patient undergoing surgery.

Pre-anaesthetic clinic (PAC)

The patient experience starts with a visit to the pre-anaesthetic clinic (PAC) where patients are assessed, examined and results reviewed. The PAC also offers opportunity for patients to ask questions and clarify imformation with their health care professional. Advance care planning and the wishes of the patient and their family can be addressed. Exercise programs may be recommended, smoking cessation support is offered and nutritional advice given. A referral for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) and prehabilitation may be made for specific patients with cardiorespiratory comorbidities or patients undergoing high-risk surgery.

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Intraoperatively, our team uses advanced technology to refine the anaesthetic and surgical care of our patients. Examples include, robotic surgery, enhanced recovery after surgery and advanced haemodynamic monitoring for goal directed therapy.

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Acute pain service

Patient centred quality care continues in the postoperative period. The acute pain services (APS) team looks after a diverse range of patients with acute pain, including those requiring patient-controlled analgesia, epidurals, intrathecal analgesia, other continuous regional analgesia, plus other specialised forms of pain relief throughout the hospital. The APS team perform daily, timely reviews of referred patient to enable optimal analgesia regimes and enhance surgical recovery. The acute and persistent pain clinic (APPC) allows for out-patient follow up and review for those patients with more complex pain issues.

Through these elements described, the perioperative journey for each patient requiring perioperative medical input at VCCC emphasises continuity of treatment, multidisciplinary involvement and the highest quality of care.

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