Cancer malnutrition eLearning program


This project aims to review, update and re-launch the eLearning program.


The Malnutrition in Cancer eLearning program, hosted on the eviQ Education website was developed in 2014 within Phase II of this program of work. An evaluation of the program’s effectiveness was undertaken within Phase III (2016-17) that demonstrated it was an effective platform to improve and sustain clinician knowledge and practice relating to malnutrition. This project will review and update the eLearning program through literature, key stakeholder feedback and incorporating relevant findings of the Cancer Malnutrition: Feeding everyone from hospital to homeproject (specifically around the education needs/requests of GP’s and practice nurses, the education needs of dietitians and to incorporate the VCMC program’s ‘new look and feel’). In addition, the eLearning program will be re-launched and consideration given to the ongoing sustainability of the program.

Project timeline: May 2018-Jan 2019

Access the eLearning program. 


Peter Mac


Cancer Strategy & Development Department of Health and Human Services Victoria


Lauren Atkin, Project Lead

Jenelle Loeliger, Project Support

Jane Stewart, Project Support

For more information, please contact [email protected]