Nutrition and Dietetics events and seminars

Peter Mac regularly runs nutrition focused events for patients and carers, and health professionals.

Talking about the ‘C’ word

This event, targeted at dietitians, student dietitians and health professionals who work in or are interested in oncology nutrition, is held biennially at Peter Mac, Melbourne. It is a full day event that includes presentations that explore various aspects of cancer and nutrition, and provides an update on current research, practice and topics of interest. For more information about this event, see the Nutrition in Oncology Webinar and/or please contact [email protected]

VCMC Community of Practice

The Community of Practice event is a free bi-annual forum targeted at health professionals with an interest in cancer malnutrition. It enables participants to share their practice and deepen their knowledge of cancer nutrition care and information provision for patients, carers, and health professionals. The event generally includes a professional development session on topics of interest and relevance, updates on the current VCMC projects, and provides a networking opportunity The next Community of Practice is scheduled for October 27th, 2021 and is currently running as a virtual event. 

For more information about this event, please contact [email protected] or subscribe to the VCMC eNewsletter

Food For Thought

This event, targeted at patients and their family who have an interest in nutrition and good food, is run each month in the Wellbeing Centre at Peter Mac, Melbourne. Our fabulous volunteer, Valentin, prepares nourishing and delicious meals and snacks for patients and their family to taste, whilst he chats with a dietitian about the importance of good nutrition. Dates for this event has been put on hold so watch this space.

Guest Chef

The annual guest chef day helps patients re-discover their passion for nutritious food during or after their cancer treatment. Organised by the Peter Mac dietitians, patients receive a healthy and wholesome meal from one of Melbourne’s leading chefs. For more information about this event, please contact [email protected]