Implementation of the CanEAT pathway 2020-2022



  1. To modify the CanEAT pathway The CanEAT pathway into a more useable and interactive format utilising experience based co-design (EBCD) methodology to develop resources, based on identified priority areas/gaps in current practice, to support pathway implementation
  2. To conduct multi-site implementation evaluation of the updated CanEAT pathway via clinical utility testing and evaluation of tailored implementation on CanEAT pathway uptake (implementation challenges and enablers, acceptability, feasibility and sustainability).


This project will be completed over an 18-month period (commencing November 2020) and will include 5 stages as summarised in the below figure 1.

Figure 1: The stages of the iCanEAT project methodology underpinned by EBCD

Stage 1 involves setting up the project and will run over 4 months.

Stage 2 involves modifying and refining the pathway based on previous project recommendations and will be undertaken over 1 month.

Stage 3 involves gathering (phase 1) and understanding (phase 2) the needs and experience and will be undertaken over 6 months utilising a series of EBCD data collection activities including surveys, key informant interviews and workshops.  This stage aims to confirm priority areas of focus so as to create interactive co-designed resources in an iterative manner to support pathway implementation.

Stage 4 is estimated to run over 6 months and will focus on improving the experience via end-user utility testing in nominated implementation sites across health settings inclusive of multiple tumour streams, metro/regional health centres to determine the suitability and useability of developed interactive resources for people with cancer, carers and health professionals. Stage 5 will aim to finalise evaluation and sustainability planning over the remaining 3 months of the project.

See The CanEAT pathway

Project time line: November 2020 – May 2022


Peter Mac


Cancer Reform, Department of Health, Victoria


Jenelle Loeliger, Project Manager - [email protected]

Rebecca McIntosh, Project Officer - [email protected]

Project Administration - [email protected] 

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