Feeding everyone from hospital to home project


To explore knowledge, nutrition practice and nutrition governance in the primary care and community sector in regards to cancer malnutrition and promote the value of cancer malnutrition as a key quality and safety issue in Victoria.


This project was multi-faceted. The first aspect included a survey exploring the knowledge, nutrition practice and nutrition governance in regards to cancer malnutrition of Victorian health professionals working in cancer care (this included general practitioners (GPs), general practice nurses (GPNs) and dietitians in acute cancer services, community health services/rehabilitation and private practice). We had a great response rate of 184 health professionals that highlighted improvements in malnutrition screening and weighing practices and transitions of care between acute and primary/community services are needed and additional education and resources on cancer malnutrition are wanted. 

The second part of this project has raised the profile of malnutrition as a quality and safety issue within Victoria. Positively, cancer malnutrition prevalence has been included as an indicator within the Victorian cancer plan monitoring and evaluation framework released in August 2018.


Project timeline: Nov 2017-June 2018


Peter Mac


Cancer Strategy & Development Department of Health, Victoria


Jane Stewart, Project Manager

[email protected]

Jenelle Loeliger, Project Lead

[email protected]

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