Cultural adaptation of the MST project


To translate and culturally adapt the Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST) and other resources into the top 10 preferred languages other than English for patients and establish feasibility and clinical utility of these translated resources. 


This project has translated the MST and the associated fact sheet 'Preventing weight loss - Why is it important for people with cancer' into Victoria’s top 10 preferred languages other than English. These resources are available as an online tool with links to audio files and also in a printable PDF format. These tools will add to the availability of resources that are culturally appropriate, comprehended by oncology patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and able to be used effectively in clinical practice. 

Please refer to the Malnutrition Screening Tool.

See the CanEAT pathway and MST infographic for people with cancer and their carers and the CanEAT pathway and MST infographic for health professionals


First phase of the project was completed in Dec 2019.

Access the Final Project Report - Cultural adaptation of the Malnutrition Screening Tool and associated resources

The second phase, due to begin in July 2021: Implementation of the culturally adapted MST into usual care, and an impact evaluation will be conducted through till June 2022.


Peter Mac


Western & Central Integrated Cancer Services, Victoria


Jane Stewart, Project Manager - [email protected]

Isabel Bailey, Project Officer - [email protected]

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