About the CanEAT pathway

A guide to optimal cancer nutrition for people with cancer, carers and health professionals

What is The CanEAT pathway?

  • A basic one-stop-shop guide that links you with reliable nutrition and cancer information, resources and tools such as websites, fact sheets, booklets, podcasts, self-management strategies and other practical information
  • Assisting and supporting health professionals to deliver great nutrition care
  • Not intended to be read cover to cover, read what is useful to you
  • Includes practical tips that include things to aim for but also things to watch out for and when you should ask for help

The CanEAT pathway was developed throughout 2018-2019, with funding from the Department of Health Victoria. You can read about the first phase of the project here: 'Optimising the cancer nutrition path: The CanEAT pathway'. The second phase of the project is now underway and aims to modify the CanEAT pathway into a more useable and interactive format. See details here: 'Implementation of the CanEAT pathway for people with cancer, carers and health professionals' here.

Suggested citation:

Loeliger J & Dewar S. The CanEAT pathway: A guide to optimal cancer nutrition for people with cancer, carers and health professionals. Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative, Victoria, Melbourne. November 2019.

Please note that the pathway will be updated periodically with the last dated of major changes noted here: 2 January 2020.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve the pathway via this link. Any further queries can be directed to: [email protected]


This pathway has originally co-designed by patients, carers and health professionals. Phase one was led by Jenelle Loeliger (Project Manager) and Sarah Dewar (Project Officer) and phase two by Jenelle Loeliger (Project Manager), Rebecca McIntosh (Project Officer) and Vanessa Hughes (Project Administration) with contributions from the project Steering Committee members and VCMC project team as part of the Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative (VCMC) program of work

Supported by the Victorian Government

We thank and acknowledge:

  • The project Steering Committee members
  • The VCMC project team
  • Patients and carers that completed the consumer survey and/or focus groups
  • Health professionals that participated in surveys and interviews
  • All workshop attendees
  • Those that took the time to provide feedback on the pathway
  • The VCMC community
  • The Peter Mac Nutrition & Speech Pathology Department