Veteran affairs

Peter Mac offers support to veterans and war widows providing up-to-date information about entitlements and access to services.

Peter Mac’s veteran liaison officer maintains contact with Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), Returned Services League (RSL) and Veterans Affairs Network (VAN) to ensure Peter Mac provides the most up-to-date information and effective communication to veterans and war widows.

How the veteran liaison officer can help you

The veteran liaison officer is a qualified social worker and provides direct support and referrals to assist veterans and war widows, receiving treatment at Peter Mac, with challenges relating to a cancer diagnosis and treatment, aging, and/or conditions associated with active service.

The veteran liaison officer can:

  • provide referrals to services and resources, such as transport services and home support
  • assist with preadmission and discharge planning
  • help book accommodation
  • provide claim forms for travelling expenses and assist with completion
  • arrange a visit from your ex-service organisation
  • provide information about DVA financial, health and community services.

The veteran liaison officer can also link you with your local RSL welfare officer and/or a clinical social worker who can provide:

  • information and advocacy support
  • hospital visits while you are an inpatient or outpatient
  • assistance completing new pension claims or updating a previous claim
  • assistance with lodgement of forms
  • access to financial assistance
  • access to community services
  • funeral arrangements and bereavement support.

If you are veteran or a war widow

If you are a veteran or a war widow, please let a member of your treating team know so you can be offered support or contact the social work department directly.


Social Work

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