Suitability for telehealth

Telehealth (video consultation) is available in all clinics at Peter Mac Parkville, Box Hill and Moorabbin when suitable.

At Peter Mac we offer telehealth within all clinics and specialities including nursing and Allied Health. Telehealth can be particularly useful if you:   

  • Are from the country (eg in rural or regional Australia - RA 2-5)
  • Are in any Aged Care Facility
  • Attend an Aboriginal Medical Service
  • Have transport or mobility problems
  • Want to include other people in the discussion who would not be able to come to Peter Mac with you (for example, friends, family, your GP or local cancer nurse)

Sometimes a video consultation to you at home is fine and sometimes it is best with your GP, Practice Nurse, Oncologist or Cancer Resource Nurse.

requesting telehealth 

  • Please ask your doctor about telehealth at your next appointment 
  • Or contact us