Getting help

Who to contact and where to get help if you're experiencing difficulties with Telehealth.

Who to contactForContact or link

Desk coordinator

(Super users are at desk 2d2)

  • Getting equipment (webcam, speakers)
  • Checking patient status (eg are they online)
See above
IT help desk 
  • Request logon for telehealth Video Call
  • Technical problems, eg
  • Cannot fix the problem through essential troubleshooting
  • Camera install problems, for example: Need Administrator permissions to install camera driver
  • Camera is blocked
  • Issues with Chrome
  • Computer problems, for example: Computer crashes or freezes, too slow, lose icons across bottom, etc
  • Request a webcam

Request Video Call logon via
ICT help portal or call ext. 98222 (option 2)

Patient Navigators
  • Requesting, cancelling, scheduling or rescheduling telehealth
  • Getting equipment (webcam, speakers)
  • Generic logon details if you don't have your own (yet)
  • Help with essential troubleshooting as above
  • Checking patient status (eg are they online)

  • To connect using a different technology platform
  • A few health services only use 'standards-based' hardware, also sometimes called 'traditional video-conferencing systems'. Video Call cannot connect with these.
  • The health service will give you a 'dial-in' address that looks like a phone number or includes an '@' or '#'.
  • Using Peter Mac equipment and room VC set-up, for example:
    - Meeting room projectors
    - Log in to conference phones
Telehealth Program 
  • Help or information on setting up or planning for telehealth in your service or department
  • Data on telehealth delivery in your service or department
  • Data on your potential telehealth - for example rural, regional or interstate patients seen in your service, etc
Telehealth go-to people

Whether you are an administrator, nurse, doctor or allied health clinician, you have many colleagues throughout Peter Mac that use telehealth.  Ask around, or contact us.

The Telehealth Victoria Community of Practice is a network of telehealth providers through Victoria - sign up to emailing list to stay informed.