Patient and carer support

The volunteer service work hard to provide support services and products to patients and their families.

Patient and carer support

Volunteers provide a number of support initiatives that are available for both patients and carers, including:

  • Volunteer Hub in Specialist Clinics
  • Gifts for patients birthdays or celebration
  • Weekday convenience trolley including newspapers
  • Ward visiting service
  • Help with admissions
  • Meet and greet to help people find their way around
  • Pet Therapy Program in conjunction with Lort Smith

Please contact Volunteer Services or speak to a ward clerk about any of these services.

Mac Chat

MacChat is held each Tuesday and Wednesday evening at Peter Mac’s Melbourne site. Volunteers visit the wards to provide company and chat with patients. The volunteers also use this time to inform patients about massage, manicure, library and other services.

Support for patients in the Peter Mac apartments

The Volunteer Service has a shopping trolley available for loan for people staying in the Peter Mac apartments, or our volunteers are happy to assist with shopping. All other support services are also available to patients staying in the apartments.

Please contact or call into Volunteer Services if you have queries about these services.

Child minding for medical appointments

The Volunteer Service can help care for your children or grandchildren while you attend medical appointments.

This service requires a booking which can be made by contacting Volunteer Services.

Patient support products

A range of patient support products are available including:

  • Slippers, sleepwear, Underwear and Socks
  • Toiletry bags
  • Headwear
  • Image bags, drainage tube bags, catheter bags, cylinder bags, syringe driver bags
  • Breast cushions - three styles
  • Quilts and rugs
  • Child activity bags
  • Reading glasses

Please contact Volunteer Services or speak to a ward clerk to enquire about these products.


Volunteer Services

Phone: (03) 8559 6811
Email: [email protected]