Issues and concerns for carers, families and friends

Caring for or supporting someone through their cancer and its treatment can be a worrying time. A carer or caregiver can include any person who provides support as a partner, family member, relative, or friend. Feelings of concern or questions about the impact of cancer are common and understandable. Knowing where to get support and the type of questions to ask can help those caring for someone with cancer find a better quality of life.

Services at Peter Mac Parkville

  • Social work services: Social workers can provide counselling and support, advocate on behalf of you and the person you’re caring for and offer practical advice and referrals to community services.
  • Spiritual care services: Spiritual care draws on respect, trust and understanding and aims to provide a compassionate, listening presence that adds to your spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Carers Circle: These weekly sessions are a safe and supportive space for you to connect with other carers and share experiences of caring for someone with cancer.
  • Arts for Wellbeing: These workshops invite patients, family members and carers to explore their wellbeing through creative processes. We reflect, imagine and experiment with art materials. No art skills are needed.
  • The Wellbeing Centre: The Wellbeing Centre is located on Level 1 of the VCCC building. It is a gathering place for patients and their families and carers, a sanctuary from treatment and the stresses associated with having cancer. Educational sessions and resources are offered by experts to support you in your cancer experience as a carer
  • Cancer Wellness Program: These sessions are a free education and support program for people who have completed cancer treatment and are living with and beyond cancer. It is also for carers, partners and family members.

Other clinical services in the Parkville precinct

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Guidance documents

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Information for carers and families

National, state and territory carer’s support and resources:

Additional resources for health professionals

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If you are health professional and would like to share or receive information about projects involving carers being undertaken at Peter Mac, please contact Dr Elizabeth Pearson and ACSC