Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program

The ACSC supports the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program (VCSP), which is funded by the Department of Health.

Support includes providing expert advice to funded projects; offering networking opportunities by convening a Victorian Survivorship Community of Practice and online workspace; developing supporting resources; and involvement in program evaluation.


The VCSP grants scheme represents a significant investment by the Department of Health that has supported a diverse program of survivorship activity in Victoria since 2011.

The first phase of VCSP (2011-2014) funded six pilot projects, with a focus on trialling collaborative models of care across acute, and primary and community care sectors.

In 2016, an evaluation of VCSP I was undertaken.

To support consistent reporting from funded projects, an evaluation and outcomes framework was developed in 2016.

Building on the success of VCSP, the second phase (2016-2019) funded 24 projects with a focus on six objectives: implement models of post-treatment care shared across acute and primary care; create effective partnerships and capacity building; improve experiences in the post-treatment phase; contribute to the survivorship evidence base; understand the needs of specific groups; and evaluate all models with reference to the evaluation and outcomes framework.

Evaluation of the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program Phase II

In 2019 a whole of program evaluation of VCSP II was undertaken, which considered the VCSP II evaluation and outcomes framework and involved a broad range of stakeholders. The bulk of this was done externally by Alison Coughlan, following a tender process. The evaluation has resulted in two reports that cover the work of the VCSP II projects, up to May 2019:

This report provides key evaluation findings and recommendations. It includes some background and context for VCSP II, including the lessons learned from VCSP I that shaped VCSP II design. The key evaluation findings are mapped to the six overarching objectives of VCSP II.

This source report is a larger document (over 100 pages) which describes each of the 24 VCSP II funded projects in detail. Project outcomes are mapped to a series of domains in the VCSP II evaluation and outcomes framework. Detailed findings from each of the whole of program evaluation consultations are also included.

Please note: Both of these reports cover data up to May 2019. 11 of 24 projects were complete at that time. 12 of 24 were completed between June and October 2019, with the remaining project due for completion in June 2020. We anticipate that updated summary results will be available in 2020. The evaluation was undertaken prior to all projects being complete, to inform planning for the Victorian Cancer Plan 2020-2024.

To see this infographic being created, watch this brief video. Artist: Jessamy Gee, 2019.

For more information on VCSP, visit the Department of Health website.

Networking Opportunities

Survivorship Community of Practice

ACSC convenes the Victorian Survivorship Community of Practice, on behalf of the Department of Health. These full-day forums bring together people who share a passion for cancer survivorship to share learnings, access the latest evidence-based resources, and develop sustainable changes to service design and delivery.

For information about the next Community of Practice please visit our health professionals events page.

Survivorship collaborative workspace

Members of the free, online collaborative workspace have access to a discussion board, presentations, tools and network contacts. For access, email [email protected].