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The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre (ACSC) is a unique service based at Peter Mac. Our vision is to optimise the health and wellbeing of cancer survivors and their carers.

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The ACSC is a multidisciplinary team working to improve outcomes for cancer survivors. We work with health professionals, survivors, community organisations and policymakers to improve outcomes for survivors. While we do not provide clinical services, we work with a broad range of providers to enable care. We also connect survivors and those close to them with information and support.

While the majority of our work is directed to Victoria, we also engage with and contribute nationally and internationally.

See our current work to find out more about the range of projects and programs underway by the ACSC team. For details of our previous work, refer to our publications.

Cancer survivorship

Over 1 million Australians are living with or beyond their cancer diagnosis.

This is due to advances in early detection, better treatments and ageing of the population. Many of these people go on to lead normal if not extraordinary lives, while some cancer has a lasting impact. This can include ongoing side effects of treatment, fear of a cancer relapse or other physical, emotional, financial and social concerns.

In the past, cancer care has focused on diagnosis and treatment. However, international research shows it is just as important to help cancer survivors cope with life beyond their acute treatment. It is important that survivors receive the right information and support at the right time.

We recognise ‘cancer survivors’ as people who have been diagnosed with cancer, from the time of diagnosis throughout his or her life. Cancer can also have a lasting impact on family members, friends, and caregivers of survivors

Cancer survivors experience particular issues, often different from people having active treatment for cancer. There is consensus that survivorship care encompasses four elements:

  • prevention and detection of new cancers and recurrent cancer
  • surveillance for cancer spread, recurrence or secondary cancers
  • intervention for consequences of cancer and its treatment (such as medical problems, symptoms and psychosocial and practical concerns)
  • coordination between specialists and primary care providers to ensure survivors' health needs are met.

More research, advocacy and education are needed to understand survivor issues and enable health services to provide evidence-based, quality care.


The ACSC Strategic Plan sets out strategic objectives, actions and the key supporting initiatives that will enable optimal outcomes for cancer survivors and their carers over the coming years.

For more information download a copy of our current strategic plan.

Celebrating 10 years of ACSC 

In 2020, the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre (ACSC) celebrated its tenth birthday! Since 2010, the ACSC has been providing information and support to survivors and carers, education and training for health professionals and cancer survivorship leadership and guidance.

Some of our key highlights over the last ten years include:

  • Launching mycareplan.org.au, a free survivorship care plan generator
  • Supporting three iterations of the clinical placement program in cancer survivorship
  • Collaborating with NGOs and supporting the development of the
  • Supporting the Victorian government to implement the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program, phase I and phase II, and whole program evaluation
  • Publishing over 43 articles about cancer survivorship and presenting work at over 75 conferences, nationally and internationally

We invite you to read more about our Highlights from 2010-2020.

ACSC would like to thank all of our supporters, collaborators, staff, volunteers and broader networks for all that you to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer.  

ACSC Director, Prof Michael Jefford, shares about ACSC, what it does and the team behind it.


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