VIDEOS: What to expect from immunotherapy

Starting a new treatment can be challenging. We have developed some videos about immunotherapy, its side-effects, how to prepare for treatment and supports you can access.

Who are these videos for?

These videos have been made for people about to start immunotherapy treatment for their cancer. They were developed by researchers, nurses, doctors and patients working together to make sure they cover important and useful information for patients and their families. 

The people in this video are patients and family members who wanted to share their experiences to offer support and advice to others. 

What you need to know about immunotherapy?

This video provides general information about immunotherapy. Topics include:

  • How immunotherapy works
  • how immunotherapy is different to other cancer treatments
  • how effective immunotherapy is
  • how will you know if immunotherapy is working
  • how long people typically receive immunotherapy for

Preparing for Immunotherapy

This video is designed to help people prepare for their first day receiving their infusion of immunotherapy. Topics include:

  • What will happen in the hospital when you have treatment
  • Will you need to have a blood test,
  • What you can do to prepare to make treatment easier on the day

Immunotherapy and side-effects

This video has been designed to help people better prepare for possible side-effects of immunotherapy, and how to identify and manage these. Topics covered are:

  • Why do side-effects occur?
  • How will I know if I have a side-effect?
  • When should I contact my nurse or doctor?
  • What can I do to cope with side-effects?

Immunotherapy and lifestyle

This video has been designed to answer questions people can have about fitting their treatment into their life, around work, holidays, and how to stay fit and healthy. Topics covered in this video include:

  • People’s experiences of how immunotherapy affected (or didn’t affect) their lifestyle
  • Can you still work or go on holidays while receiving immunotherapy
  • Should you exercise while on immunotherapy?
  • Information about diet, vitamins and other mediations  

Seeking support during immunotherapy

This video was designed to help answer some of the common questions people had around seeking support, and involving family and friends. Topics include:

  • How can my family and friends be involved?
  • What support is available?

The videos were developed by researchers at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and funded generously by Cancer Nursing Association of Australia and Mr Ronald Walker AC CBE.