A video resource to raise awareness of and provide guidance for people experiencing elder abuse.

Elder Abuse causes harm and distress to one in seven older adults in Australia. It is under-reported and poorly recognised, making it one of the most hidden forms of abuse in society.  

A team of researchers from Peter Mac's Academic Nursing Unit, working with older adults and health care professionals, have developed three educational video resources to increase peoples’ awareness of elder abuse, and the ability of health professionals to identify and respond to it.

In this resource, “Talking about Elder Abuse”, key messages are presented to help raise awareness of what elder abuse is, and to encourage people experiencing elder abuse to share their concerns with members of their health care team at Peter Mac. 

The key takeaways in this video are:

  • Everyone has the right to feel safe and to age with dignity
  • Elder abuse can happen in any family and in any relationship 
  • Elder Abuse is not just about physical abuse
  • At Peter Mac confidential support is always available 
  • Talk to someone you trust 
  • It is your right to make your own decision about whether to tell someone and this will always be respected.