Survivorship & life after treatment

People often look forward to reaching the end of treatment, sometimes referred to as the survivorship phase.

However, some people say the time after treatment is not always an easy transition.

Your feelings and reactions to all that has happened so far, as well as fear about the future, can have a powerful effect on you. You may also want to have a healthier or different lifestyle than you had before getting cancer.

Survivorship and life after cancer
Survivorship and life after cancer

​What we do

Knowing what to expect after your treatment can help you and your family deal with the future and any changes that you may have to make.

We provide resources which may help you understand what to expect.

Patient resources are also available in the information lounge  located on level 1. Everyone is welcome to visit and speak to our friendly staff.

For more information about survivorship, contact the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre.


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