Coming for surgery at Peter Mac?

All patients coming for surgery or any procedure that requires a general anaesthetic will need to undergo a COVID-19 test before the surgery/procedure. You can have either a RAT or a PCR test.

Getting a COVID-19 test before your surgery 

You MUST test for coronavirus (COVID-19), return a negative result, and isolate in your home until your day of admission.

If using a RAT, please test no more than two days prior to your admission for surgery.

You may also provide your result from a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) COVID-19 test taken at a testing site.

If you choose to have a PCR test, we recommend testing at least three days prior to surgery and that you go to one of the COVID-19 test providers found through designated pre-operative asymptomatic testing sites.

The test providers on this website are especially set-up for patients that are being admitted into hospitals.

If you choose a COVID-19 testing site that is open to the general public because it is more convenient for you, we strongly encourage you to go through a drive-through site.

It is very important you reduce your potential risk to COVID-19 prior to your surgery, and this means staying away from crowds and groups of people and if you do need to go out that you wear a mask.  

What you must tell us

After you are tested, please contact your Surgical Liaison Nurse if any of the following apply to you prior to your surgery:

  • If you develop any clinical compatible symptoms with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of smell or taste.
  • If you are a person in quarantine for any reason. This includes if in the last 14 days you have been a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 and/or a returned traveller from overseas, and/or a relevant interstate area with outbreaks as defined by public health.

What to do with your COVID-19 test result

If you return a positive result: Contact your Surgical Liaison Nurse by phone – do not attend Peter Mac in person. We may need to change plans for surgery to support your recovery from the virus.

If you return a negative result: You can expect a call from your pre-operative nurse the day prior to your surgery. During this call you will be asked COVID-19 surgical screening questions to ensure you remain well. You will also be asked to confirm you have received a negative COVID-19 test result.

If you have previously been COVID-19 positive (prior to taking this test) please contact your Surgical Liaison Nurse who will be able to determine what testing and/or isolation requirements apply to you.

Arriving in our building on the day of your surgery

All visitors to Peter Mac need to pass through COVID-19 screening checks on entry to the building. The screening check includes COVID-19 health questions and a temperature check.

As part of the pre-operative checks, you will be screened again with the COVID-19 questions and will be asked to provide proof of your negative COVID-19 result.

For RAT tests please take a photo of your RAT test with your phone at the time you note the result. This will also show us the date the test was taken.

For PCR tests this will be the text message you received from your testing site.

Please ensure you have the proof of your result with you on the day of surgery.  

You may be asked to undergo another COVID-19 test on the day of surgery. 

Contact us

If you need to speak to someone about your admission or the COVID-19 testing requirements please contact the Theatre Bookings Team between 8.30am and 4.30pm on 8559 5650 who will be able to direct your enquiry.

For more information relating to COVID-19, including frequently asked questions and visitor information, please see Peter Mac’s Coronavirus information page.