Scalp Cooling Patient Information Guide

Scalp cooling is a technique that was developed to help reduce the hair loss caused by some chemotherapy drugs. At Peter Mac, scalp cooling is available for certain breast and gynaecological oncology patients, your medical team can explain whether scalp cooling is appropriate for you.

The Scalp Cooling Information Guide has been developed for people who are thinking about, or have decided to try scalp cooling, during their chemotherapy treatment.  The guide was designed in partnership with women with breast cancer, their family members and health professionals.  However, if you are male and/or have a different tumour type, there will still be many areas of information in this guide that are relevant to you.

This guide is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  It is always best to ask a member of your treating team for advice specific to your individual situation. 

The guide describes;

  • how scalp cooling works,
  • how the cap should be fitted,
  • how scalp cooling feels,
  • potential side effects,
  • realistic expectations,
  • stopping scalp cooling, and
  • how to care for your hair during treatment.

The guide also includes anecdote and practical tips from women who have experienced scalp cooling at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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