Information for researchers

The resources of BROCADE are available to all approved researchers, subject to a review and approval process.

Applications for access to samples and data are carefully reviewed by the BROCADE Access Committee to ensure that the resource supports research of the highest quality. The Access Committee comprises research scientists, clinicians and community members.

What Does the BROCADE Resource Collect?

There are two streams of tissue collection that make up the BROCADE resource.

Primary breast tumours

are collected from donors who give consent for the use of this tissue in research. Treatment naive as well as heavily pre-treated recurrent tumours are targeted.

  • Fresh primary breast cancer tissue is engrafted to create a resource of PDX lines.
  • Blood, fresh-frozen and formalin-fixed tissue is available for some cases.

Metastatic tissue

is collected through the BROCADE rapid autopsy program. The donors to BROCADE allow tissue to be collected soon after their death. BROCADE collects:

  • Fresh tissue from sites of metastases for PDX engraftment.
  • Snap-frozen fresh tissue; tumour and normal where available.
  • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue; tumour and normal where available.
  • Genomic DNA from blood.
  • Clinical data.

Tissue microarrays are constructed, which represent the range of metastases for each BROCADE donor and include adjacent normal tissue.

Who can I contact to ask questions and get more information?

Lisa Devereux, BROCADE Manager

Phone: (03) 8559 6532

Email: [email protected]



Lisa Devereux, Cancer Research Division

Locked Bag 1, A’Beckett Street

Melbourne VIC 8006