Women's Cancer Program

Cancer is fundamentally a polygenic disorder, imparted by germline and somatic mutations.

With advances in DNA sequencing and other genomic technologies, it is feasible to obtain high-dimensional genomic information about an individual patient’s tumours and relate this to clinical outcome. The Cancer Genetics & Genomics Program applies genomic technologies to large patient cohorts, with a particular focus on breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Familial (kConFab, ViP) and population-based (Lifepool) breast and ovarian (Australian Ovarian Cancer Study) cancer cohorts are embedded in the program. They greatly enhance the research program due to the large number of patient samples with rich clinical information and associated biospecimens. More recently the program has established CASCADE, a unique rapid autopsy study that provides an enabling platform for a variety of solid and haematological malignancies. Sophisticated genomic, functional genetic and bioinformatic capabilities also highly enable the program.

Program head

Co-Head: Women's Cancer Program; Group Leader; Principal Investigator: Australian Ovarian Cancer Study
Co-Head: Women's Cancer Program; Group Leader

Research labs

Key collaborative papers

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