Cancer Biology & Therapeutics Program

The Cancer Biology & Therapeutics Program aims to integrate various basic research activities, platform technologies and pre-clinical model systems available within Peter Mac to discover, develop, characterise and refine novel cancer therapeutics for clinical use for solid tumours.

This integrated program allows insight into fundamental aspects of cancer biology through the identification of novel tumour-suppressor and tumour-initiating genes. We explore the functional relationships between altered cancer genetics and aberrations to the cancer epigenome, and a deeper understanding of the molecular events that drive oncogenic signalling networks. These findings serve as a basis for extensive translation-based studies to determine the potential therapeutic benefit of interfering with or augmenting the activity of key proteins involved in these signalling networks through pharmacological intervention.

Program head

Consultant Medical Oncologist; Head: Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Program; Group Leader
Consultant Haematologist; Head: Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Program; Group Leader

Research labs

Key collaborative papers

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