Open Innovation Resources

Eli Lilly – Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD) Program

Partners will be able to access world-class science capabilities, including emerging biology (Eli Lilly’s compound library, for assays), in silico design tools (computational workflows etc.), high throughput screening, compound acquisition (submit your compound for screenings), synthesis (access to lill’s automated synthesis lab) etc.

​AstraZeneca Open Innovation

Partners will have access to optimised compounds, compound libraries, technologies, services and know-how, as well as the possibility of joint-publications.

​Bayer Open Innovation

Bayer offers a variety of programs to investigators, from support for compound/target validations to multiple innovation centres for collaborations.

​Merck Biopharma Open Innovation portal

A variety of different portals – including open target sourcing (for interesting data on new biological concept or target in oncology, immune-oncology or autoimmunity), open compound sourcing (bring compounds for screening campaigns) and open lab (bring research to Merck labs overseas to develop side-by-side), to name a few

​AbbVie Compound Toolbox (Open innovation portal)

AbbVie will provide selective and well-characterised tool compounds or probes that can be utilised to conduct preclinical research and may be used by researcher to explore targets, pathways or assays of interest. Investigators can select up to 20 compounds at 5mg each per order.

Astex (Otsuka Pharmaceuticals)

Leader in innovative drug discovery and development with focuses on cancer and central nervous system diseases. Pioneers of fragment-based drug discovery (FDDD) and uses FDDD platform “PyramidTM” for customised drug leads.