Funding Resources

Grants are opening and closing throughout the year.  For a more comprehensive listing of current commercialisation and innovation grants, please contact the TTO for an up-to-date list.

NFMRI – National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation

Philanthropic funding for biomedical, lab-based research projects which will lead to innovations such as drugs, devices, tools, therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics. Open for next round in 2018

Bayer Healthcare - Grants4Targets 

Funding for novel target research for drug development, and this can be complemented by access to additional Bayer platforms and compound collections. Open globally to everyone with either support grant (€5,000 - €10,000) or focus grant (€10,000 - €125,000) depending on the stage of the idea.

Global Connections Fund (GCF) – Bridging and Priming Grants

The Global Connections Fund (GCF) aims to provide initial funding support to promote collaborations between Australian researchers and Small to Medium Enterprises. There are priming and bridging grants available (exploratory or proof-of-concept onwards) of up to $50,000. Open for next round in 2018.

Priming Grants 

Bridging Grants 

NHMRC Development Grant (Proof-of-concept)

For researchers/research teams to undertake health and medical research within Australia at the proof-of-concept stage that specifically drives towards a commercial outcome.