For Researchers

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) can provide a wide range of services to both clinical and laboratory-based researchers.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • ​Assistance with intellectual property protection                                                 

  • Commercial research sponsorship and collaborations

  • Strategic development of a business plan of path-to-market

  • Identification of appropriate collaborative/development partners

  • Agreements governing the transfer of materials to other organisations

Managing intellectual property

Patent before publishing!

If you have a discovery or invention originating from your research which may have commercial value, please get in contact with the Technology Transfer Office to discuss the next steps to take in confidence. It is important that any intellectual property is identified and protected in the early stages of development.

Public disclosure of any form anywhere in the world – including publications, presentations – will invalidate the novelty of the discovery. Therefore, it is important that your invention is not disclosed anywhere without an obligation of confidentiality

​​To start the process:

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For all enquiries related to laboratory research at Peter Mac, or information on our technologies for licensing, contact the Technology Transfer Office:

Email: [email protected]